Womb cleaning

Womb cleaning pills after an abortion to clean & cleanse your womb. Our womb cleaning pills will help your body recover from a miscarriage or pregnancy termination. If you have had more than 1 abortion we recommend you use womb cleaning pills before trying out for another baby or to generally cleanse your womb

Contact Dr Ricky at +27795616398 or info@womensclinicx.co.za for womb cleaning services. If you have had a home abortion using abortion pills you can check to see if the abortion is complete & if you will need womb cleaning pills by checking to see if there is any remaining tissue

Womb cleaning after a medical abortion to clean a woman’s womb of any remaining tissue. Womb cleaning can also be done after a miscarriage. If you want to cleanse your womb we are here to help you do that using clinically tested and medically approved womb cleaning pills that work fast. Womb cleaning after a home abortion

You can use womb cleaning pills or vacum aspiration if you still have blood clots or retained tissue in the uterus after a week has passed since you had an abortion. It might be a case of an incomplete abortion. Another option is to use vacum aspiration to clean the womb and remove any remaining tissue in your uterus.

When you need to clean the womb

When you need to clean the womb

If the abortion was successful, there is no need to use womb cleaning pills or undergo any procedure to clean the womb.

Abortions have a success rate of 95% if they are done using certified abortion pills.

Womb cleaning abortion pills are sold over the counter so you do not need a prescription.

We recommend the use of medical abortion pills instead of surgical abortions because of the advantages of pills. Womb

If you had an incomplete abortion we can also use our womb cleaning pills to complete the pregnancy termination

Vacuum aspiration to clean the womb

Vacuum aspiration to clean the womb

Vacuum aspiration or curettage to clean the womb after a miscarriage or abortion under local or general anaesthesia

It may be used as a method of induced abortion and a therapeutic procedure used after miscarriage

When used as a miscarriage treatment or an abortion method, vacuum aspiration can be with cervical dilation anytime

Vacuum or suction aspiration uses aspiration to remove uterine contents through the cervix.

Generally the uterus is self cleaning when there are vaginal discharge and menstruation

The Womb (Uterus)

The Womb (Uterus)

The uterus or womb is female organ where offspring are conceived and in which they gestate before birth

In the human embryo, the uterus develops from the paramesonephric ducts which fuse into the single organ

The cervix is at the lower end and opens into the vagina, while the upper end, the fundus, is connected to the fallopian tubes.

It is located within the pelvic region behind the bladder, and in front of the sigmoid colon.

The uterus is anatomically divided into the fundus, corpus (body), cervix, and the cervical canal.

Misoprostoln pills for an imcomplete abortion

Incomplete abortion

The medical abortion pill misoprostol is used to treat incomplete abortions for a pregnancy below 12 weeks

Misoprostol is a safe, effective, and acceptable method to achieve uterine evacuation for women after an incomplete miscarriage.

Incomplete abortion are diagnosed when a pregnant woman hpasses some but not all of the products of conception

A dosage of 600 mcg misoprostol has proven to be 95% effective in treating an incomplete abortion

Womb cleaning after an incomplete miscarriage

Womb cleaning after a miscarriage

An incomplete miscarriage can be treated medically using pills or surgical procedure to complete the miscarriage

Signs of an incomplete miscarriage are heavy bleeding, passing clots and crampy contractions

Dilation and Curettage (D&C) is the surgical abortion procedure performed after an incomplete miscarriage

The medical abortion pill misoprostol is used to treat incomplete abortions for first trimester pregnancies

Why the womb's natural self cleansing might not be enough

Uterus natural self cleansing

The uterus is self cleanses during menstruation but after a miscarriage or incomplete abortion this might not happen

This depends on the size of the uterus tissue (fetal tissue) remaining after a miscarriage or incomplete abortion

Uterus tissue can become infectious and cause inferility if not completely removed and treated

We recommend the use of misoprostoln pills or using a surgical procedure such as vacume aspiration or D&C


A miscarriage is when a pregnant woman loses her baby before 24 weeks of gestation.

Miscarriages happen in 10-15% of pregnancies and the signs are bleeding, abdominal pain and cramping.

There are several types of miscarriage – threatened (body shows signs of miscarrying), inevitable, complete, incomplete or missed

Inevitable miscarriage comes with heavy bleeding & cramps. Missed miscarriage the fetus dies in the uterus & stays there

Incomplete miscarriage

Incomplete miscarriage

An incomplete miscarriage there is bleeding, the cervix has dilated but some of the pregnancy tissue remains in the uterus

The main symptoms of incomplete miscarriage are bleeding and cramping.

A surgical procedure called dilation and curettage (D&C) or misoprostol is used to treat a incomplete miscarriage

The type of treatment for a incomplete miscarriage depends on gestation and the symptoms

Womb cleansing herbs

Womb cleansing herbs

Womb cleaning herbs to stimulate and cleanse your uterus, improve its tone and ease menstrual or menopausal symptoms.

Herbs to boost uterine health, increasing oxygen, help regulate menstrual bleeding and blood flow to your uterus

Womb cleansing herbs to help your uterus contract after giving birth or an abortion

Regulate and tone uterine muscles, reduce swelling and bleeding using womb cleaning herbal remedies

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